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Lab report December 6th 2010: thank you!

Hello. I’ve been asked to write a report on Monday’s Stet Lab session. I must admit to not being all too hot on the written reflection part—and I am better in conversations than in sermons—but I thought I’d say thanks very much for having me.

Han and everyone made me feel very welcome, and this always sets things up for a communicative music session; the communication aspect is very important to me, so I try hard to listen to whosoever is there, and have the discussion with them through music. It always helps if the other people are wanting to do the same thing and I think that happened—there were some lovely moments where things really came together. I was even relaxed enough to go on the drums—which as I am sure you’ll hear, was a mistake, but a relaxed mistake.

But large amounts of credit should go to Han, Tony, Kevin, Dan et al. for keeping the nights going—they’re a fantastic opportunity and musically satisfying. I hope to come back to Cork and have more conversations in music! It’d be great if they could comment too and say what they thought of the night—as I suspect this may be too short!

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