performance diary 02-17-09

upcoming performances
date venue time details
March 10th 2009 The Roundy
Castle Street
Cork, Ireland
(doors: 8:45pm)
Stet Lab featuring the R.E.A.L. ensemble.
Admission: €10/5.
March 20/21 2009 (TBC) Venue TBC
Cork, Ireland
TBA Postponed until September 2009.
Not exactly a music performance, but a paper-demonstration by Han-earl Park and Esprit as part of the bodies/music conference.
Details to follow…
March 26th 2009 Lewis Glucksman Gallery
Cork, Ireland
6:00pm Performance by Han-earl Park (guitar) and Franziska Schroeder (saxophones) presented by Glucksman Unplugged.
Admission free.
May 16th 2009 Sonic Arts Research Center
Queen’s University
Belfast, N. Ireland
TBA Again, not exactly a music performance, but a presentation by Han-earl Park on io 0.0.1 beta as part of the TWO Thousand + NINE symposium.
Details to follow…

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