technological (melo)dramas
duets between guitar & guitarist 0.0.3 alpha

Han-earl Park (guitarist)
esprit (guitar)

Technological (Melo)dramas 4' 29" 5.1MB, stereo, mp3 audio file
Messy Doodad 3' 54" 4.5MB, stereo, mp3 audio file
Blues Screen: cyborg breakdown 3' 57" 4.1MB, stereo, mp3 audio file
Structur(e|ing) 3' 59" 4.6MB, stereo, mp3 audio file
Body xor Soul 5' 42" 6.5MB, stereo, mp3 audio file

Messes, doodles and improvisations by Han-earl Park (guitarist) and esprit (guitar)
with guest soloist io 0.0.1 beta (itself) on Body xor Soul.
additional (dis)order(ing) by HAL 68000 (voice) and C-ALTO Labs/Kawasaki toy guitar (fizz) on Blues Screen.

Recorded in Cork, Ireland in April 2006.

Artwork by Han-ter Park.

Thanks to Mel, Pete, Elspeth, Phil, Jan, Claudia, Alex, Murray, Martin, Paul, Kat, Tamsin, Stu, Katje and the Church of Sonology. Technoscientific services and support provided by C-ALTO Labs. Han-earl Park uses Wilkinson Sword nail clippers exclusively. io 0.0.1 beta and HAL 68000 constructed, and C-ALTO Labs/Kawasaki toy guitar hacked, at C-ALTO Labs.

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site updated: May 2006
minor updates: October 2012

once upon a time, in a far away land, lived a professor of cybernetics. and this professor loved nothing more than to insert silicon (of the logic variety) into his body. One day, the professor would wake up to the worst day of his life.

His shower was cold,
his toast was burnt,
his car did not start,
and his wife refused to recognize him.

Unable to reboot, and while all ports remained resolutely shut, he was destined to wander the last of his days, with a corrupt system, unable to gain access, never to realize that a hacker had gained entry through his back door.