duets between guitar and guitarist


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past performances
date venue details
December 2nd 2008 The Klinker
Maggie’s Bar
London, England
March 14th 2008 The White Room
@ The Bodega
Cork, Ireland
First, public performance in Ireland of the guitar-guitarist duets presented by the Cork Music Collective.
June 15th 2007
Ó Riada Hall
UCC Department of Music
Cork, Ireland
Ad-hoc, informal and semi-public performance and recording session.
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February 17th 2007
The Queen’s Hall
Edinburgh, Scotland
arts coucil ireland As as part of dialogues 2007, and between the play with Murray and Hannes, Han and Esprit find some time for the guitar-guitarist duets.
Han’s travel was funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.
November 9th 2006 The Klinker
The Ivy House
London, England
November 7th 2006 Fizzle Jam
The Lamp Tavern
Birmingham, England
Not strictly speaking guitar-guitarist duets, but Han and Esprit join in the Fizzle Jam.
May 21st 2004 Turner Sims Concert Hall
Southampton, England
klangsieben features light entertainment in the form of the the guitar-guitarist duets.
February 27th 2004 The Bongo Club
Edinburgh, Scotland
The guitar-guitarist duets go public beta as part of the ‘Audio Perversion’ night of dialogues 2004.

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