Stet Lab is, and has been for some time, on indefinite hiatus. [More info…]

Stop press: Stet Lab December 9th 2008 (new date!)

STOP PRESS: new date! Unfortunately, this month’s Stet Lab has had to be postponed by 24 hours. The Lab will now take place on Tuesday, December 9th 2008. [Details…]

Same place (Upstairs @ The Roundy), same time (9:00pm), same remarkable / outstanding / implausible / magical lineup (Bruce Coates, Sarah O’Halloran, Neil O’Loghlen and Han-earl Park).

Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused. We hope that you can still come and participate.

Special thanks to Veronica Tadman for organizing a smooth rescheduling of the Lab under less-than-optimal circumstances, and Kevin Terry for doing the footwork on the posters and publicity.