Coaching: guitar and improvisation

“Studying improvisation and technique with Han was one the most important parts of my education. These lessons were the foundation from which I have approached all of my musical and technical adventures since.”

Kevin Terry, guitarist, Sky, Horse and Death
Jerome Hynes Young Composer Award winner

“I’ve learnt a great deal from Han. He has a vast wealth of knowledge on improvising and music in general which he is always willing to share. He is inspiring because he is always studying and in practise himself so treats others as fellow students in music.”

Neil Ó Lochlainn, bassist and composer, Cuar and Ensemble Ériu

If you are interested in taking guitar or improvisation coaching sessions with me, Han-earl Park, please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I offer coaching sessions in person in Berlin, or by correspondence including audio/video exchange.

(Unfortunately, at this time I am not offering sessions remotely via Skype or Zoom.)

technique, theory, improvisation

I’m a guitar and improvisation coach based between Berlin and Cork. I offer guitar coaching with an emphases on improvisation, technique, and creative strategies, and improvisation coaching with an emphases on tactical, organizational and interactive considerations. I have been teaching guitar and improvisation in one-on-one situations since the early 2000s, and teaching improvisation in workshop and classroom contexts for over ten years.

I have taught improvisation at University College Cork (2006–2011, 2017), and founded and curated Stet Lab (2007–2011), an alternatively pedagogical space for improvisation. I’ve presented talks, lectures, and given workshops at The Institute of Sonology (The Hague), Sonic Arts Research Centre (Belfast), University of Hull (Scarborough), Lewis Glucksman Gallery (Cork), and The Boxing Club (London). I have studied with improviser-composers Wadada Leo Smith, Richard Barrett, Annette Krebs, Joel Ryan, Mark Trayle, Chick Lyall and David Rosenboom, composers Clarence Barlow and Marina Adamia, and interactive media artist Sara Roberts. I have a Composer/Performer MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, and a BMus (Hons) from the University of Edinburgh.

I work to further your creative work, and equip you to tackle the challenges of being a creative musician.

I welcome musicians of all levels and ages. I welcome newcomers who wish to explore the creative possibilities of the guitar and improvisation. And I welcome working guitarists and improvisers who need specific help to refine their technique and creative strategies, or are in search of new avenues of exploration. I can help guide you as you shape your creative journey, or help you navigate one-off creative crossroads.

I don’t expect you to read music, you don’t have to know the ‘correct’ music theory terms, and your technique can be as unique and iconoclastic as you are. I’ll guide you through the process of being the best artist you can be.

Don’t know where to start? Is something unclear? Ask me: my aim is to make this journey as accessible as possible.

group improvisation workshops

In addition to one-to-one, I also lead group improvisation workshops. I bring two decades of experience as a performer and educator, and tailor the workshop to the specific needs and interests of the participants. In these workshops I demonstrate practical strategies for real-time interaction, and the groups explore both the creative and social dimensions of collective, improvisative play. Whether musicians, sound or performance artists, participants will be able to take these improvisative strategies and incorporate them into their practice.

get in touch

Do you have questions? Is something unclear? Do you want to set up a consultation? Please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Email Han-earl Park or use the contact form below.

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