A selection of releases by Han-earl Park. Many of these CDs are available from Downtown Music Gallery, Squidco, Wayside Music and all AWESOME record stores, and some are available for download from iTunes [more here…], eMusic [also here…] and elsewhere. Please contact me if you have any comments or questions regarding obtaining these recordings. (See downloads page for additional releases.)

Copyright: unless otherwise noted, all audio and video excerpts, artwork, cover graphics, texts, titles, etc. copyright their respective owners, and not covered under a Creative Commons license.

compact discs

Han-earl Park, Dominic Lash, Mark Sanders and Caroline Pugh

Cover of ‘Sirene 1009’ (BAF000) with Han-earl Park, Dominic Lash, Mark Sanders and Caroline Pugh (artwork copyright 2017, Han-earl Park)

Sirene 1009 (BAF000) [details…]

Performers: Han-earl Park (guitar), Dominic Lash (double bass), Mark Sanders (drums), and Caroline Pugh (voice and tape recorder).

[Get it via Bandcamp…]

© + ℗ 2017 Han-earl Park.

Han-earl Park, Catherine Sikora, Nick Didkovsky and Josh Sinton

CD cover of ‘Anomic Aphasia’ (SLAMCD 559) with Han-earl Park, Catherine Sikora, Nick Didkovsky and Josh Sinton (artwork copyright 2015, Han-earl Park)

Anomic Aphasia (SLAMCD 559) [details…]

“Ein glorioser Bastard aus Noise und süßer Träumerei.”

— Rigobert Dittmann (Bad Alchemy)

Performers: Han-earl Park (guitar), Catherine Sikora (tenor and soprano saxophones), Nick Didkovsky (guitar) and Josh Sinton (baritone saxophone and bass clarinet).

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© 2015 Han-earl Park.
℗ 2015 SLAM Productions.

Catherine Sikora, Han-earl Park and François Grillot

Catherine Sikora, Han-earl Park and François Grillot, ‘Tracks in the dirt’ (copyright 2013, Clockwork Mercury Press)

Tracks in the dirt [Clockwork Mercury Press 003]

“Exemplifies… restless experimentation…. An enjoyable listen for open ears.”

— Paul Acquaro (Free Jazz)

Performers: Catherine Sikora (soprano saxophone), Han-earl Park (guitar) and François Grillot (bass).

[Get it via Bandcamp…]

© + ℗ 2013 Clockwork Mercury Press.

Richard Barrett and Han-earl Park

‘Numbers’ (CS 201 cd)

Numbers (CS 201 cd) [details…]

“By means of an intricate web of sonic hiccups, scrapes, scouring, gluts, gargles and cuts, they build an acoustic lucid computational delirium, whose trajectory is impossible to outguess.”

— Vito Camarretta (Chain D.L.K.)

Performers: Richard Barrett (electronics) and Han-earl Park (guitar).

[Get it from Creative Sources…]
[Downtown Music Gallery…] [Metamkine…] [Squidco…] [More stores…]

© + ℗ 2012 Creative Sources Recordings.

io 0.0.1 beta++, Han-earl Park, Bruce Coates and Franziska Schroeder

‘io 0.0.1 beta++’ (SLAMCD 531) CD cover (copyright 2011, Han-earl Park)

io 0.0.1 beta++ (SLAMCD 531) [details…]

“Pieces of dismantled gestures, destabilizing timbres, and impressive synergy.”

— François Couture (Monsieur Délire)

Performers: io 0.0.1 beta++ (itself), Han-earl Park (guitar), Bruce Coates (alto and sopranino saxophones) and Franziska Schroeder (soprano saxophone).

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© 2011 Han-earl Park.
℗ 2011 SLAM Productions.

Charles Hayward, Han-earl Park and Ian Smith plus Lol Coxhill

‘Mathilde 253’ (SLAMCD 528) CD cover

Mathilde 253 (SLAMCD 528) [details…]

“Ordered and entwining… a tapestry of choice: that of another Mathilde, of a complete beauty.”

— Guillaume Belhomme (Le son du grisli)

Performers: Charles Hayward (drums, percussion and melodica), Han-earl Park (guitar) and Ian Smith (trumpet and flugelhorn) plus Lol Coxhill (saxophone).

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[Downtown Music Gallery…] [Jazzcds…] [Squidco…] [Wayside Music…] [More stores…]
[iTunes…] [eMusic…]

© 2010 Han-earl Park.
℗ 2010 SLAM Productions.

Paul Dunmall and Han-earl Park

‘Boolean Transforms’ CD cover

Boolean Transforms (DLE-067) [more…]

“The intensity & close-knit interaction has increased to a near boil, simmering hotter and hotter…. [The] more I hear the more the sympathetic counter-balance comes closer and even more spirited.”

— Bruce Lee Gallanter (Downtown Music Gallery)

Performers: Paul Dunmall (saxophone and bagpipes) and Han-earl Park (guitar).

[Get it from Mind Your Own Music…] [Get it from Downtown Music Gallery…]

© 2010 DUNS Limited Edition.
℗ 2010 Paul Dunmall/Han-earl Park.

‘Live at the Glucksman gallery, Cork’ CD cover

Live at the Glucksman gallery, Cork (owlcd002) [more…]

“Subtle interplay…. This is another one of those low-key gems that truly stands once you give a fair chance.”

— Bruce Lee Gallanter (Downtown Music Gallery)

Performers: Han-earl Park (guitar), Paul Dunmall (saxophone), Mark Sanders (drums) and Jamie Smith (guitar).

[Get it from Downtown Music Gallery…]

© 2009 by Owlhouse Recordings.
℗ 2009 Han-earl Park/Paul Dunmall/Mark Sanders/Jamie Smith.

‘Occidental Oriental Occidentalism’ CD cover

Occidental Oriental Occidentalism

Performer: Han-earl Park (guitar).

© + ℗ 2007 Han-earl Park.

‘Technological (Melo)dramas’ CD cover

Technological (Melo)dramas [more…]

Performers: Han-earl Park (guitar) with io 0.0.1 beta (itself) and HAL68000 (voice).

© + ℗ 2006 Han-earl Park.

‘I Have Heard The Light’ CD cover

I Have Heard The Light [more…]

Performers: Siblings resplendent (violin, voice and audio manipulations), boundless (voice and poetry), root (diffusion and audio manipulations), liaison (guitar, voice and audio manipulations), kumar (drums and voice), vespucci (keyboards, voice and audio manipulations), seabass (voice and sonolog), io 0.0.1 beta (itself) and others.

© + ℗ 2004 The Church of Sonology.

‘buster & friends’ sampler’ CD cover

buster & friends’ sampler

Performers: Han-earl Park (guitar, kazoo, software, construction and scores) with Murray Campbell (violin, voice, sheep, stunts, miscellaneous weirdness), Koen Nutters (bass, heavy metal cues), Sander Lopes Cardozo (drums), io 0.0.1 beta (itself), Table (score), AMM™ (commercial synth box), Melanie L. Marshall (card dealing and red dress), Peter O’Doherty (ocarina) and others.

© + ℗ 2001 Han-earl Park.

‘io 0.0.1 beta’ CD cover

io 0.0.1 beta [more…]

Performers: io 0.0.1 beta (itself) with Murray Campbell (violin) and Han-earl Park (guitar).

© + ℗ 2001 Han-earl Park.

downloads (selected)

Some of the compact disc releases (io 0.0.1 beta++ and Mathilde 253, for example) are also available as downloads. Also, see downloads page for download releases hosted at busterandfriends.com or hanearlpark.bandcamp.com.

‘artillery’ (VMDL11)  (copyright 2011, Han-earl Park / Vicmod Records)

artillery (VMDL11) [more…]

Performers: Han-earl Park (guitar) and Richard Scott (electronics).

[Get it via Bandcamp…]

© + ℗ 2011.

Frimp podcast III

Performers: Bruce Coates and Paul Dunmall (saxophones), Trevor Lines (bass), and Han-earl Park and Jamie Smith (guitars).

© + ℗ 2009.


‘The $100 Guitar Project’ (BRIDGE 9381A/B)

The $100 Guitar Project (BRIDGE 9381A/B) [more…]

Includes ‘apophenia: A atomic symphony in 10 movements ii you seek iii a comfortable spot to listen iv to this v track the sofa perhaps vi or the vii floor however viii standing hand ix suspended over the volume x control you xi find that xii it is’ by Han-earl Park.

[Get it from Bridge Records…]

© + ℗ 2013 Bridge Records.

‘The Frog Peak Collaboration Project’ CD cover

The Frog Peak Collaborations Project (FP007)

Includes ‘electronic study for limited resources 3’ by Han-earl Park.

[Get it from Frog Peak…]

© + ℗ 1997.

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