Juno 3

about Juno 3

Han-earl Park (guitar)
Lara Jones (saxophone and electronics)
Pat Thomas (electronics)

Wonderful energy, constant motion, and roiling in noise. And immense amount of grit and power.

— Corey Mwamba (Freeness, BBC Radio 3)

The antidote to universal entropy. Take once daily. Side effects may include meaningless joy.

— Dave Foxall (a Jazz Noise, Best of 2023)

Masterminded by Berlin-based Korean-American improviser and guitarist Han-earl Park, Juno 3 is his trio with avant-DJ Lara Jones (saxophone and electronics) and the boundless experimentalist Pat Thomas (electronics).

Nautiloid capsule tumbles
across field lines.
An impracticably agile,
graceful derailment.

Captivating, gripping and fascinating, Juno 3’s music is a particle sim of sounds which spelunks from derelict urban ravines to cybernetic rainforests, while catching auditory glimpses of crashing robotic waves, and strange telegraphic messages from space. Their self-titled debut album is out now on Ramble Records, and they recently performed in London Jazz Festival’s outer left-field.

news and performances

February 20, 2024: Mixing noisy, pretty, gentle and disorderly peculiar music

https://soundcloud.com/hanearlpark/mix-engineer-works Wondering what mixing strategy could possibly work for your recording of noisy, pretty, gentle and disorderly peculiar music? Hit me up if your left-of-field recording is in need of some…

January 29, 2024: The unknowability of connection, and a little science fiction (Free Jazz: Sunday Interview)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jewNzu1KL1Q Violence and cruelty? Fantastical, twisted, dark, deeply affectionate humanism? Improvisation as embodiment and personification? Place, subjectivity and interiority? As part of the Free Jazz: Sunday Interview, in response to a…

November 20, 2023: Thanks: Derby, London and Newcastle, November 2023

Thanks so much to everyone behind-the-scenes who made the music happen. Thanks so much to Wesley Stephenson and Charles McGovern at Jazz North East, and to everyone at The Globe.…

October 28, 2023: Juno 3: Han-earl Park, Lara Jones and Pat Thomas (Newcastle and London)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Gxv8McCudE This November: Juno 3 is performing in Newcastle (November 12) and London (November 13)! Newcastle, November 12, 2023: The Globe (11 Railway Street, Newcastle NE4 7AD). Presented by Jazz North East. [Performance diary…

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disc art (copyright 2023 Ramble Records)

Juno 3 (RAM-163CD) [details…]

Personnel: Han-earl Park (guitar), Lara Jones (saxophone and electronics) and Pat Thomas (electronics).

Track listing: Orbital Dusk I (6:04), Orbital Dusk II (4:20), Orbital Dusk III (2:29), Orbital Dusk IV (6:03), Diel Vertical Migration I (6:31), Diel Vertical Migration II (4:38), Diel Vertical Migration III (4:33), Diel Vertical Migration IV (7:36), Metastability (7:24). Total duration: 49:36.

© and ℗ 2023 Ramble Records.

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