performance diary 08-24-08

upcoming performances
date venue time details
October 9th 2008 (TBC) Venue TBC
Cork, Ireland
TBC Stet Lab returns in October!
November 13th 2008 (TBC) Venue TBC
Cork, Ireland
TBC Stet Lab Featuring Hugh Metcalfe (TBC). More details to follow.
December 3rd 2008 FrImp
Venue TBC
Birmingham, England
TBC Performance by Bruce Coates (saxophones), Han-earl Park (guitar), Mike Hurley (piano), Trevor Lines (bass) and Walt Shaw (percussion and electronics). More details to follow…
I am organizing a set of gigs in the U.K. and elsewhere during December 2008 and January 2009.
In addition, I am looking for venues in Ireland to host performances by Paul Dunmall, Mark Sanders, Jamie Smith and myself (Han-earl Park) in January/February of 2009. See the performance proposal (PDF) for more information.
I welcome performance organizations, promoters and/or venues to get in touch.

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