Thanks: Maynooth, Berlin and Vienna

Lichtblik Kino (Berlin) 10-23-10

Thanks to Jesse Ronneau of EIMM, Hilary Jeffery and Richard Scott of AUXXX, Marco Eneidi of the Neu New York / Vienna Institute of Improvised Music for organizing the performances, and for hosting this itinerant musician. Thanks also to Jaap Pieters whose films added an extra interactive complication (in the best possible sense) to the AUXXX performance, Richard Scott for the informal recording session in Berlin, and to all the performers who were involved in EIMM and Neu New York / Vienna Institute of Improvised Music.

And a big, big thanks to Richard Barrett for the pushing/pulling me. I’m in awe of Richard’s skill and craft, and I hope I managed to keep up with his energy and creativity. I recall, during our twenty-five minute duet, at least four points during which I fumbled the ball, but I still think he got some of the best playing out of me. It was certainly a mental and physical workout, and I leaned a lot during that performance. Hope to play again!

As always, thanks to all who came to listen/watch—it was a pleasure to share the journey.

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