frantically jagged (audio clip: Numbers: Richard Barrett + Han-earl Park)

Numbers: Richard Barrett + Han-earl Park (Scarborough, May 3, 2012)

Bazillions of events… for the joy of individuals who take pleasure in getting their brain zapped and scrambled by the rivalry between transonic beauty and extreme structural atomization. This is in fact a full hour of frantically jagged live improvisation…. [More…]

— Massimo Ricci (Touching Extremes)

I’m enormously proud of ‘Numbers’ (CS 201 cd), the duo CD with Richard Barrett released by Creative Sources Recordings, which I feel has some of my best playing on record. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be posting up audio excerpts from the album. The first clip is from the track ‘creens.’ May your brain be “zapped and scrambled” in the best possible way. [About the recording…] [About this duo…]

Audio clip courtesy of Creative Sources Recordings.
Music by Richard Barrett and Han-earl Park.
Audio ℗ 2012 Creative Sources Recordings. Please do not distribute audio file, but instead share the link to this page.

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CD cover of ‘Numbers’ (CS 201 cd) with Richard Barrett and Han-earl Park (copyright 2012, Creative Sources Recordings)

‘Numbers’ (CS 201 cd) [details…]

Performers: Richard Barrett (electronics) and Han-earl Park (guitar). [About this duo…]

© + ℗ 2012 Creative Sources Recordings.

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