support LUME!

Nothing directly to do with me, but… one of the most fun and adventurous gigs anywhere in the world, LUME needs our support! LUME is programming a festival of jazz and improvised music in London, and are in need of additional funding to cover artist fees and travel expenses:

This Summer, we’re rounding off our 2015/16 season of gigs with the first ever LUME Festival. On Sunday 26th June we’re taking over IKLECTIK ARTLAB near Waterloo for a one-day celebration of all things LUME: original and improvised music from the UK and beyond, friendly vibes and good times….

Our core programme of LUME gigs this year is supported by Arts Council England, and there will be part of this funding left for the festival. There’s enough to put on about three bands and have a nice evening. But after all the amazing music we’ve listened to, that’s not quite enough for us. We want to do more—and this is where you come in. With your help, we can put on everyone in the list above and pack the day full of music. We’ve also invited Gina Southgate to come and capture the day on canvas, and Alex Fiennes to record the performances! [Read the rest…]

In addition to being an incomparably energetic space for new jazz and improvised music, LUME has previously supported my work, not least by hosting the first London performance by the trio with Dominic Lash and Mark Sanders (an ensemble that would eventually morph into Sirene 1009). For those who value music work on the ‘ground level’ of a scene, this is definitely one to back!

And with rewards that include a trip to the London Aquarium, who can resist? [LUME kickstarter page…]