thanks: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Market Harborough and London

Stills Gallery (Edinbugh) 04-15-10: “Experimental Music, Thursday 15 April - 7pm, £4 donation: Join us for an acoustic improvisation and free jazz from French saxophonist Heddy Boubaker, Irish guitarist Han-earl Park and Percussionist Fritz Welch.”

Special thanks to Ian Smith for the scheming and pre-performance guidance, and to Charles Hayward, Lol Coxhill and Ian who reminded me how much I’ve got to learn—I was performing in the presence of giants. Thanks to Fritz Welch, Lin Zhang of Grind Sight Open Eye, and Jamie Smith of Owlhouse Recordings for organizing the events (and feeding this itinerant musician), and to Stills Gallery, and Hamish Dunbar and Keiko Yamamoto at Cafe OTO for hosting the performances.

Kudos to all the musicians who were involved, in particular Neil Davidson and Sean Williams for two memorable duos; EdImpro for their generosity and sense of fun; Shiori Usui and Lin for the Asian noise; Jamie, Lee Allatson and Oliver Betts for the high-volume rock-out; and Heddy Boubaker for sharing the first leg of the trip.

Last but not least, thanks to all who came to listen/watch—it was a pleasure to share the journey.