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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Lab report April 12th 2010: consequences of actions

I debated this, not for a long time, but I nonetheless tossed around the idea before leaving my volume pedal at home. I really felt I needed to physically part with the volume pedal rather than simply disconnecting it from the signal chain, and since the it’s grafted onto the footstool, I’d require some other […]

Stet Lab May 10th 2010

The next Stet Lab, featuring Juniper Hill and shape note singers, will take place on Monday, May 10, 2010, upstairs @ The Roundy, Castle Street, Cork, Ireland.

Stet Lab April 12th 2010: audio recordings

Audio recordings of the April 2010 Stet Lab are now online.

Lab report April 12th 2010: kudos

I’d like to say a big thank you to Han for inviting me to play at Stet Lab.  I had a really enjoyable evening, and it was fantastic to take part in so many different groups of instrumentalists.  Despite the years we’ve been talking about it, this was the first time Han and I duetted, […]

Stet Lab April 12th 2010 (reminder)

Stet Lab takes place this coming Monday (April 12, 2010), upstairs @ The Roundy. The event will feature composer-performer John Godfrey.

Lab report March 8th 2010: 3+1 questions

Since Paul Stapleton asked for feedback, I’ve decided to answer the query with three (plus one) simple questions: 1. Is ‘success’ (however that’s defined) a meaningful idea in approaching (as listener or performer) improvisation? I’ve tried to address this issue from the other side before, so let me paraphrase that here: What is the status […]