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Lab reports: (insider, outsider, guest) reviews of Stet Lab performances.

Lab reports 2008–2011: an index

Between June 2008 and April 2011, fourteen author-practitioners documented over nineteen events from the POV of the stage. The Lab reports were an opportunity for the improviser-musician-performers to explore and explode the processes and practices of music in general, and improvisation in particular. These reports ranged in tone from the oblique, the whimsical, and the […]

Lab report 2007-2011: signing-out as curator

As previously announced, after thirty-two events over three and a quarter years, I’ve stepped down as curator of Stet Lab as of February 2011. The duties of running the Lab now are in the very capable hands of Veronica Tadman, Tony O’Connor, Athos Tsiopani with curatorial duties handled by Kevin Terry (Kevin and Tony performed […]

Lab report December 6th 2010: thank you!

Hello. I’ve been asked to write a report on Monday’s Stet Lab session. I must admit to not being all too hot on the written reflection part—and I am better in conversations than in sermons—but I thought I’d say thanks very much for having me. Han and everyone made me feel very welcome, and this […]

Lab report November 15th 2010: Let the rant begin…

I took momentary snapshots with my ears where sounds linked, danced, collided and certainly interrupted. A friendly salute followed by a stab in the back is the best way I can describe this music. I capture the sonic moments that would make butter melt, once I find my moment, I cherish it, as it leaves […]

Lab report October 11th and November 15th 2010: humming, buzzing

So my introduction to improvised music has now risen to two Stet Lab events. Finding it strange how, no matter what I think I’m gonna do, even in the few seconds before starting, what comes out is completely different. Pity that the pieces I played in on both nights failed to be recorded; just don’t […]

Lab report April 12th 2010: consequences of actions

I debated this, not for a long time, but I nonetheless tossed around the idea before leaving my volume pedal at home. I really felt I needed to physically part with the volume pedal rather than simply disconnecting it from the signal chain, and since the it’s grafted onto the footstool, I’d require some other […]

Lab report April 12th 2010: kudos

I’d like to say a big thank you to Han for inviting me to play at Stet Lab.  I had a really enjoyable evening, and it was fantastic to take part in so many different groups of instrumentalists.  Despite the years we’ve been talking about it, this was the first time Han and I duetted, […]

Lab report March 8th 2010: 3+1 questions

Since Paul Stapleton asked for feedback, I’ve decided to answer the query with three (plus one) simple questions: 1. Is ‘success’ (however that’s defined) a meaningful idea in approaching (as listener or performer) improvisation? I’ve tried to address this issue from the other side before, so let me paraphrase that here: What is the status […]

Lab report January 11th 2010: get together and make weird noises

I was on my way, one Monday evening in January, to a trad session with my melodica, when a different music drew me into Stet Lab at The Roundy. Han-earl Park was making good interesting sounds on guitar and pedals and stuff; Kevin Terry played the cello, what a lovely sound, and later Jesse Ronneau found some fun wacky stuff to do with it; […]

Lab report December 7th 2009: futzing

…or not so random thoughts about not so random techniques The Vortex, London, November 22, 2009 Ingrid Laubrock leans forward, the tenor just about balanced on her right thumb. She shakes the horn, her fingers barely press the keys. There’s a flurry of (imagined? quasi? pseudo?) notes. Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast, May 16, 2009 […]