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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Stet Lab January 12th 2009 (update)

Stet Lab’s begins 2009 with violinist Murray Campbell on Monday, January 12th 2009, upstairs @ The Roundy, Castle Street, Cork, Ireland.

Lab report December 9th 2008: when is a cliché a cliché

We rocked. I think I did some pretty damn good playing on December 9th. Nothing life changing perhaps, but I think it was a reasonable contrast my contribution to October and November’s Labs. But here’s the question: how do I know when I’m getting a little too… complacent is the wrong word—comfortable? Let me clarify […]

update to WordPress 2.7

I’ve just updated the Stet Lab site to WordPress 2.7 (a revision named after a certain JC). This is the first major update since we moved to WP in May, and there are some major interface changes behind the scenes. Please let me know of any difficulties, bugs, etc.

Stet Lab January 12th 2009

The next Stet Lab (featuring Murray Campbell) will be on Monday, January 12th 2009.

Stet Lab December 9th 2008: audio recordings

Audio recordings of the December 9th Stet Lab are now online.

Stop press: Stet Lab December 9th 2008 (new date!)

STOP PRESS: new date! Unfortunately, this month’s Stet Lab has had to be postponed by 24 hours. The Lab will now take place on Tuesday, December 9th 2008.

Stet Lab December 9th 2008 (reminder)

The final Stet Lab of 2008 takes place in one week (Tuesday, December 9th). The event will feature Birmingham based saxophonist Bruce Coates.