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Stet Lab related news and updates are now made via the Stet Lab – announce list at Google Groups, and via the web feeds (news only or all blog posts). (As of April 2008, individual email updates have been phased out.) We want you to keep up-to-date with future Stet Lab events; to do so, please join this list, or subscribe to the web feeds.

Web feeds

For Stet Lab news only (announcements regarding upcoming events and recordings of previous ones), please subscribe to the web feed at


For all blog posts (Stet Lab event announcements plus lab reports, etc.), subscribe to


Mailing list

The simplest way to subscribe to the Stet Lab – announce list is to enter your email address below

If you have, or would like, a Google account, you can also go to

Alternatively, if you do not want, or have, a Google account, send an email to


Stet Lab – announce and the news only feed is announcement only list: subscribers cannot use it for discussion, and traffic should be minimal.

Your contact details will not be revealed to other subscribers, nor will they be passed to another party.

The list (and the news only feed) will not be used to cross-promote anything that is not Stet Lab related.