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Improvisation Workshop April 7th 2017

Not an official Stet Lab event (the Lab is still on hiatus), but fans of the alternatively pedagogical space that was Stet Lab should be interested in this group improvisation workshop. The workshop will be lead by drummer Mark Sanders (Stet Lab guest artist February 2009), double bassist Dominic Lash, guitarist Han-earl Park (Stet Lab curator 2007–2011), and vocalist and electronics performer Caroline Pugh.

Caroline Pugh, Mark Sanders, Dominic Lash and Han-earl Park (copyright 2016 Jordan Hutchings, 2016 Bruce Coates, Andrew Putler, 2010 Seán Kelly, and 2014 Han-earl Park)

Photos © Jordan Hutchings/Bruce Coates/Andrew Putler/Seán Kelly.

Friday, 7 April 2017

2:30 pm (setup: 1:10 pm)

Aula Maxima (UCC) [map…]
Cork, Ireland

Are you a musician, artist, sound-maker or composer wanting to make music collectively? Are you an improviser in jazz, rock, folk or other tradition wishing to engage across traditions? Are you a performer finding it difficult to bridge the frameworks of idiom and the promise of open, free-play of improvisation? Are you an aspiring free improviser?

A practical, playful, hands-on masterclass, this workshop will offer a unique opportunity for performers to participate in musical interactions, and create spontaneous musical expressions. In addition to learning to realize the possibilities of improvisative play, the workshop will be an opportunity to meet and interact with local, national, and international practitioners of improvised musics.