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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Stet Lab January 4th 2011 (update)

The Stet Lab kick-off of 2011, featuring John Godfrey (not Murray Campbell as previously announced), will take place on Tuesday, January 4, upstairs @ The Roundy, Castle Street, Cork, Ireland.

Stet Lab will be back in January 2011

Stet Lab will return in January 2011!

Lab report December 6th 2010: thank you!

Hello. I’ve been asked to write a report on Monday’s Stet Lab session. I must admit to not being all too hot on the written reflection part—and I am better in conversations than in sermons—but I thought I’d say thanks very much for having me. Han and everyone made me feel very welcome, and this […]

Stet Lab December 6th 2010: audio recordings

(Partial) audio recordings of the December 2010 Stet Lab are now online.

Lab report November 15th 2010: Let the rant begin…

I took momentary snapshots with my ears where sounds linked, danced, collided and certainly interrupted. A friendly salute followed by a stab in the back is the best way I can describe this music. I capture the sonic moments that would make butter melt, once I find my moment, I cherish it, as it leaves […]

Stet Lab December 6th 2010 (reminder)

The final Stet Lab of 2010 takes place next week (Monday, December 6, 2010). The event will feature vibraphonist, multi-instrumentalist and electronic musician, Corey Mwamba.