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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Lab report July 10th 2008: consequences of a noisy head

Normally, nothing runs through my head when improvising. Occasionally, a thought will suggest, in an unobtrusive way, “Oh, that’s quite cool, you should copy that”. Or, as when I was first messing around with extended techniques on my bass, “My luthier’s gonna kill me…” But, at this Stet Lab, for the first time, a thought […]

Lab report July 10th 2008: fitting the square piece into that triangular hole

It’s good, I think, to think tactically about improvisation, and group improvisation in particular. You know, however, that you’ve lost the game in improvisation when you’re preempting the music. You don’t want to be thinking this is how it should be, goddamnit, and I will fit that square piece into that triangular hole. Much more […]

Stet Lab July 10th 2008: audio recordings

Audio recordings of the July 10th Stet Lab are now online.

Stet Lab and Mike Hurley in the Cork Independent

The Cork Indy has a little article on Mike Hurley and Stet Lab.

Stet Lab July 10th 2008 (reminder)

This month’s evening of improvisations and extemporizations will take place this Thursday (July 10th). The ninth Stet Lab will feature guest artist Mike Hurley on piano, who will be joined by bassist Neil O’Loghlen.

Lab report June 12th 2008: thoughts of a newbie improviser

I’ve often wondered what goes through an improviser’s head during group improvisation. The improvised public performances I’ve participated in before have been more like improvised compositions in a sense—one person takes charge, or there’s a kind of plan vaguely sketched out (usually with the proviso that things might happen differently). This was my first time […]