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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Stet Lab February 8th 2010 (update)

Stet Lab featuring Evan Dorrian, plus Marian Murray, Paul Dowling and Owen Sutton, takes place on Monday, 8 February. 2010, upstairs @ The Roundy, Castle Street, Cork, Ireland.

Lab report December 7th 2009: futzing

…or not so random thoughts about not so random techniques The Vortex, London, November 22, 2009 Ingrid Laubrock leans forward, the tenor just about balanced on her right thumb. She shakes the horn, her fingers barely press the keys. There’s a flurry of (imagined? quasi? pseudo?) notes. Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast, May 16, 2009 […]

Stet Lab February 8th 2010

The next Stet Lab, featuring drummer Evan Dorrian, will take place upstairs @ The Roundy, Castle Street, Cork, Ireland, on Monday, February 8th 2010.

Stet Lab January 11th 2010: audio recordings

Audio recordings of the January 2010 Stet Lab are now online.

Stet Lab January 11th 2010 (reminder)

Stet Lab takes place this coming Monday (January 11th), upstairs @ The Roundy. The event will feature the unique techno-virtuosity of Istanbul-based improviser Korhan Erel.