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23yo originally from Cashel, Co. Tipperary.
Have been playing from a young age on bosca ceoil and piano.
My real passion is the bass guitar in all its forms – electric, fretless and a special love for the acoustic.
I recieved a B.Sc in Physics and Astronomy from NUI,Galway and am now a H.Dip student in the UCC School of Music.

Although I’ve been performing for years, free improv is a new experience to me; a welcome one at that! Some personal interests in music include: contemporisation of traditional irish music, compositional techniques for computer games, and the so-called progressive rock music of the late 60s and 70s.

Come play with me.

I like to play….

Lab report October 11th and November 15th 2010: humming, buzzing

So my introduction to improvised music has now risen to two Stet Lab events. Finding it strange how, no matter what I think I’m gonna do, even in the few seconds before starting, what comes out is completely different. Pity that the pieces I played in on both nights failed to be recorded; just don’t […]