CD available: Paul Dunmall and Han-earl Park, ‘Boolean Transforms’

The audio CD ‘Boolean Transforms’ by Paul Dunmall and myself has been released on DUNS Limited Edition, and a very limited number of these are available for purchase from this site [more…]. ‘Boolean Transforms’ documents some of my best playing to date, and I am honored to be represented on Paul’s audio newsletter.

‘Boolean Transforms’ CD cover
‘Boolean Transforms’ CD cover

Performers: Paul Dunmall (saxophone and bagpipes) and Han-earl Park (guitar).

Recorded by Han-earl Park on November 6, 2009 at the Ó Riada Hall, UCC Music Building, Cork, Ireland. Artwork and design by Han-earl Park. Released 2010 by DUNS Limited Edition.

Total duration: 41 minutes, 37 seconds.

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Still available…

‘Live at the Glucksman gallery, Cork’
‘Occidental Oriental Occidentalism’


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