performance diary 10-27-11 (Berkeley, New York)

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November 8, 2011 Tuesdays at Tom’s Place
3111 Deakin Street
Berkeley, CA 94705
7:30pm Performances by Gino Robair (energized surfaces, voltage made audible), John Shiurba (guitar), Tim Perkis (electronics), Matt Ingalls (clarinet) and Han-earl Park (guitar), plus Terrence McManus (guitar).
Free, donations accepted.
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January 8, 2012 Downtown Music Gallery
13 Monroe Street
New York, NY 10002-7351
6:00pm Performance by Tracy McMullen (saxophone) and Han-earl Park (guitar).
Free admission.
Details to follow…
December 2011 New York Han-earl Park will be based in New York from December 2011, and is seeking formal or ad-hoc playing opportunities. Interested musicians, promoters, venues, please get in touch!
April–May 2012 Europe Mathilde 253 (Charles Hayward: drums, percussion and melodica; Han-earl Park: guitar; and Ian Smith: trumpet and flugelhorn), plus Numbers (Richard Barrett: electronics; and Han-earl Park: guitar) are seeking performance opportunities in Europe, April 26 to May 11, 2012.
In addition, Han-earl Park (guitar) is available for formal or ad-hoc performances.
Interested promoters, venues and sponsors, please get in touch!

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