‘Halt’ (#onetakestudy Nº 5)

Latest single-take improvisation, this one is, in part, a response to the shortcoming of study Nº 4. Of that study, I wrote:

There’s aspects of this I really, really don’t like. I hate that it’s that constant, artless thud-thud-thud through out. But there’s some parts—the way it’s contoured like waves—that might be salvageable. [Source…]

Let me know what you make of this one.

Out on NEWJAiM Recordings

cover art (copyright 2021 NEWJAiM)

Of Life, Recombinant (NEWJAiM9) [details…]

Personnel: Han-earl Park (guitar) with Anne Wellmer (voice on track 4).

Track listing: Game: Mutation (5:38); Naught Opportune (≥ 10:42); Are Variant (≥ 8:06); Of Life, Recombinant (≥ 29:22). Total duration ≥ 53:48.

© 2021 NEWJAiM Recordings.
℗ 2021 Han-earl Park.

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