thanks: Eris 136199 (ISIM, NYC), Rasmussen-Foster-Niggenkemper-Park (DMG, NYC) and Park-Rainey (Why Not Jazz Room, NYC)

A belated note of thanks for all involved in the June 6, June 6 (no that’s not a typo—two performances on that day), and June 8 events. Thanks to the folk at ISIM, and in particular to Richard Robeson, Billy Satterwhite and Ed Sarath for organizing, curating and facilitating the event, and to Christopher Hoffman for the tech support; to Bruce and everyone at Downtown Music Gallery, the World’s Greatest Record Store (seriously, go buy a record from them right now); and to Andrea Wolper and her amazing series, and to Why Not Jazz Room. Thanks also to the multiple documentarists: videographers Don Mount and Juan Ant [watch/listen…], and to photographer Peter Gannushkin [see…].

As always, big thanks to the creative folk who shared the stage with me; it’s always a privilege. Applaud these folk: Mette Rasmussen, Michael Foster, Pascal Niggenkemper; Tom Rainey (how does one perform with a drummer who can anticipate every move?); and the two that complete Eris 136199: Nick Didkovsky and Catherine Sikora (always a blast).

Finally, thanks to all who came to listen. That’s to be my last visit to New York for sometime, and, audience big or small, it’s always a pleasure to perform for you.