Han-earl Park at Bruitkasten, Köln

Tomorrow! (Wednesday, May 15, 2024) at 8:00pm: Han-earl Park (guitar) performs as part of Bruitkasten at Gemeinde Köln (Ebertplatzpassage, Laden 7, 50668 Köln). Also performing are Emily Wittbrodt (’cello) and Simon Camatta (drums), and Melchior Mahnig (gravoblitz), Balthasar Belm (hologlotar) and Kasimir Kengel (semi-ionic trafoplex).

See the performance diary for up-to-date info. [Impakt page…]

Out on NEWJAiM Recordings

cover art (copyright 2021 NEWJAiM)

Of Life, Recombinant (NEWJAiM9) [details…]

Personnel: Han-earl Park (guitar) with Anne Wellmer (voice on track 4).

Track listing: Game: Mutation (5:38); Naught Opportune (≥ 10:42); Are Variant (≥ 8:06); Of Life, Recombinant (≥ 29:22). Total duration ≥ 53:48.

© 2021 NEWJAiM Recordings.
℗ 2021 Han-earl Park.

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