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Stet Lab January 12th 2009 (update)

Next Stet Lab will be on Monday, January 12th 2009, upstairs @ The Roundy, Castle Street, Cork, Ireland [map…]. Up-to-date details…

Stet Lab begins 2009 with violinist Murray Campbell plus OPKA

Monday, January 12th 2009

9:00 pm (doors: 8:45 pm)

Upstairs @ The Roundy [map…]
Castle Street
Cork, Ireland

€10 (€5)

As is tradition, January is the time of new beginnings and resolutions. Stet Lab is no different and kicks off the new year with an exciting event, upstairs at The Roundy, Castle Street on Monday, January 12th. However, as Stet Lab is always attempting to navigate the boundary between familiar and unexpected, it begin with a favorite guest artist and respected (and unpredictable) fiddle player extraordinaire, Murray Campbell.

Campbell is something of a veteran of Stet Lab (he has featured twice at Stet Lab). A cutting-edge technician and popular musical agitator, he brings the best out in his fellow performers.

Campbell, as an improviser, has performed with some of the finest performers in the field including Mary Oliver (USA/The Netherlands), Stu Ritchie (UK), Koen Nutters (The Netherlands) and Randy McKean (USA). Campbell was also the long time musical/technical director of Jan Langedijk’s theater company, De Daders (Amsterdam), and is involved in an ongoing collaboration with Mr McFall’s Chamber (Edinburgh). In 2007 he created, with sound/software engineer Alex Fiennes, an octophonic spatialization system for dialogues (Edinburgh), and is a founding member of the Church of Sonology.

In addition, as a musician who loves to see people get up and dance, Campbell is the ideal candidate for starting off the electrifying 2009 season of Stet Lab. Currently based in California, and originally from Scotland, he is a versatile performer, at home in Scottish, Balkan and Bluegrass fiddle musics as well as ‘straight’ violin. In this capacity he has played with accomplished artists such as Vermillion Lies, and Paul Kamm and Eleanor MacDonald.

To aid Campbell in the musical leap-off-the-edge is a new, Cork-based ensemble OPKA. It seems appropriate to begin Stet Lab’s new year season with a promising 4-piece act that pledges “real-time efforts towards, and away from, coherence.” The (ir)rational agents of OPKA are Owen Sutton (drums), Paul Dowling (bass), and Kevin Terry and Andrea Bonino (guitars).

The event will begin at 9:00 pm (doors open at 8:45 pm) and entry is €10 (€5).

Stet Lab’s 2009 season will continue on Tuesday, February 10th with veteran saxophonist-improviser Paul Dunmall.