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Lab reports 2008–2011: an index

Between June 2008 and April 2011, fourteen author-practitioners documented over nineteen events from the POV of the stage. The Lab reports were an opportunity for the improviser-musician-performers to explore and explode the processes and practices of music in general, and improvisation in particular. These reports ranged in tone from the oblique, the whimsical, and the […]

Lab report 2007-2011: signing-out as curator

As previously announced, after thirty-two events over three and a quarter years, I’ve stepped down as curator of Stet Lab as of February 2011. The duties of running the Lab now are in the very capable hands of Veronica Tadman, Tony O’Connor, Athos Tsiopani with curatorial duties handled by Kevin Terry (Kevin and Tony performed […]

Lab report January 11th 2010: get together and make weird noises

I was on my way, one Monday evening in January, to a trad session with my melodica, when a different music drew me into Stet Lab at The Roundy. Han-earl Park was making good interesting sounds on guitar and pedals and stuff; Kevin Terry played the cello, what a lovely sound, and later Jesse Ronneau found some fun wacky stuff to do with it; […]

Stet Lab January 11th 2010: audio recordings

Audio recordings of the January 2010 Stet Lab are now online.

Stet Lab January 11th 2010 (reminder)

Stet Lab takes place this coming Monday (January 11th), upstairs @ The Roundy. The event will feature the unique techno-virtuosity of Istanbul-based improviser Korhan Erel.

Stet Lab January 11th 2010 (update)

Stet Lab featuring Korhan Erel, plus Han-earl Park, Jesse Ronneau and Veronica Tadman, takes place on Monday, 11 January 2010, upstairs @ The Roundy, Castle Street, Cork, Ireland.

Stet Lab January 11th 2010

The next Stet Lab (featuring the Istanbul-based improviser Korhan Erel) will take place on Monday, January 11th 2010, upstairs @ The Roundy, Castle Street, Cork, Ireland.

Stet Lab November 10th 2009 (reminder) + about Stet Lab Year Three

Stet Lab takes place this coming Tuesday (November 10, 2009), upstairs @ The Roundy. Featuring the Bologna-based trio Filario Farinoppo, the event will mark Stet Lab’s second birthday.