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Stet Lab October 11th 2010 (update)

Stet Lab returns on Monday, October 11, 2010, upstairs @ The Roundy, Castle Street, Cork, Ireland [map…]. Up-to-date details…

Stet Lab returns!

Monday, 11 October 2010

9:00 pm (doors: 8:45 pm)

Upstairs @ The Roundy [map…]
Castle Street
Cork, Ireland

€10 (€5)

Stet Lab, Cork’s monthly improvised music event, returns on Monday, 11 October 2010 with an event of sustained tones, transient noise and sharp attacks at The Roundy, Castle Street, Cork, at 9:00 pm (doors open at 8:45 pm).

With performances by two contrasting violin-guitar-drums trios (Kevin Terry (guitar), Marian Murray (violin) and Jeffrey Weeter (drums), plus Han-earl Park (guitar), Claudia Schwab (violin) and Dan Walsh (drums)), the event features some up-and-coming young performers in the Cork improvised music scene in addition to a couple of veterans.

Cork’s monthly improvised music event, Stet Lab is a space in which improvisers (novice, veteran; student, teacher; part- or full-time; amateur, professional; local or visitor) can meet, play and learn from one another. Stet Lab has successfully brought together improvising musicians with varied experiences and from far afield. Since its launch in November 2007, it has hosted twenty-one events with twenty-seven guest artists, including eighteen international visitors.

The event will begin at 9:00 pm (doors open at 8:45 pm) and entry is €10 (€5).

Next month’s Stet Lab will take place on Monday, 15 November 2010, featuring the London-based trumpeter and cofounder of the London Improvisers’ Orchestra, Ian Smith.

the performers

Jeffrey Weeter is a Cork-based intermedia artist and audio engineer. From 2005-2008 he was designing real time video instruments and performing as the resident VJ for the monthly Wake Up! series at Sonotheque. An audio engineer and theorist, he has recently presented on intermedia at ATMI, ICMC and SEAMUS conferences, and has published in Organised Sound. He has also worked with the intermedia ensembles Powerpoint, Fire and Ice, Lucid Dream Ensemble and Cartwright/Moorefield/Weeter. Weeter’s intermedia work explores the relationships between media via performance. Performances utilize electronic and acoustic instruments coupled with video projection, expanding the dynamics of performance and forging a hybrid palette. Video elements characterized by manipulated and found materials combine with the music to form a mesh of shifting relationships. With the additional incorporation of software such as Max/MSP/Jitter, his work negotiates a shared agency between live performer and random or deterministic processes. He recently completed a Doctorate in Music Composition at Northwestern University and worked as an audio engineer for The Oprah Winfrey Show, Harpo Studios, Chicago.

Improviser, guitarist and constructor Han-earl Park works from/within/around traditions of fuzzily idiomatic, on occasion experimental, mostly open improvised musics, sometimes engineering theater, sometimes inventing ritual. He feels the gravitational pull of collaborative, multi-authored contexts, and has performed in clubs, theaters, art galleries, concert halls, and (ad-hoc) alternative spaces in Denmark, England, Ireland, The Netherlands, Scotland and the USA.

He is involved in ongoing collaborations with Bruce Coates, and with Franziska Schroeder, fifteen year long associations with Alex Fiennes and Murray Campbell. Recent performances include ensemble Mathilde 253 (Park, Charles Hayward and Ian Smith) with Lol Coxhill, a duo concert with Paul Dunmall, a trio with Kato Hideki and Katie O’Looney, an improvisative meeting with Thomas Buckner and Jesse Ronneau, and the performance of Pauline Oliveros’ ‘Droniphonia’ alongside the composer. He has appeared at festivals including Sonic Acts (Amsterdam), the Center for Experiments in Art, Information and Technology Festival (California), dialogues festival (Edinburgh), Sonorities (Belfast) and VAIN Live Art (Oxford).

Park founded and curates Stet Lab, a monthly improvised music space in Cork, Ireland, and teaches improvisation at the UCC School of Music.

Dan Walsh is a Cork-based drummer studying for a BMus degree at UCC, working within a variety of contexts though specialising in jazz. Having begun playing at the somewhat late age of 16 Dan has already had the privilege of playing with some of the country’s top jazz musicians such as Richie Buckley, Myles Drennan and Micheal Buckley. Currently providing the beat for The Roaring Forties as well as running a monthly Blue Note jazz night, Dan continues to play in as many varying situations as possible in order to continue developing musically.

Claudia Schwab: “Growing up under the roof of my two fiddle playing parents in a small town called Frohnleiten in the southeast of Austria, the joy of making music was an omnipresent part of my childhood.

“I took my first violin lessons with my mother at the age of 5, followed by piano, recorder and singing lessons a few years later in the music school next door. I also had a short affair with the trumpet, ballet and hip-hop dancing. As part of the Schweizerorchester and Jugendorchester Frohnleiten, the school’s orchestra and Joey’s Ba-rock ensemble, I enjoyed a joyful and wild youth with trips to Egypt, Italy, Hungary, Germany and California. Somewhere along the line I started to break free from classical music and tasted into jazz improvisation and folk music from Austria, eastern Europe and Ireland. Especially with folk I bounded with through uncountable nights spent fiddling, yodelling, dancing and singing at folk festival and events to explain the madness that was going on at those would be impossible, but by jesus it surely was wild! The energy I took in and stored at those gatherings fulfills me with musical spark and euphoria until the present day.

“For some reason—and I really don’t remember how it all came about—I became so immensly curious about Irish traditional music, that I went over to Ireland as soon as I graduated from the Musikgymnasium Graz in 2005, on search of learning a few tunes. Well… the right people and surroundings for learning tunes I found and the laid back lifestyle I liked a lot… and I just never quite made it home since! Nevertheless my unplanned emigration to Ireland doesn’t interfer with my love for Austria and Austrian folk and I still find myself jodelling, hiking, dancing and playing polkas over there whenever it’s time to do it. My newest discovery is Northern Indian Classical music, which I am interested in ever since I took a 3 month trip to India in 2008 and started to study Northern Classical Indian music with Sukhdev Prasad Mishra in Benares (Varanasi).

“In 2009 I left my home in Sligo and moved to Cork where I started to study music and psychology at University College Cork. Here I am continuing to do research and studies in traditional music from all over the world, in Indian music, Bach’s solo sonatas, jazz, funk and all other music that gets through to me on an academic level.”

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