thanks: Ted Byrnes, Han-earl Park and Kris Tiner plus Red Oak

Metro Galleries (Bakersfield) 07-31-11

First and foremost, thanks to Kris Tiner for inviting me to perform, to Ted Byrnes for the company and the driving skills, and to both for their musical sense—in play, in real-time. Thanks to Red Oak (Adam Benjamin and Storm Nilson) and Mosaic Orgasm for graciously sharing the stage with us. And, to all who came to Metro Galleries on that hot summer’s afternoon, thanks for listening.

BTW, monda kudos, Ted, Kris and (for the performances coming up in Northern California) Randy McKean. I realized that these performances in July and August represent the longest run of gigs in long time that I didn’t have a hand in organizing! I hope to reciprocate the favor.

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