thanks: Perkis-Park-Eisenstadt (The Stone, NYC) and Evans-Jensen-Park (DSMC, Brooklyn)

Tim Perkis, Han-earl Park and Harris Eisenstadt (The Stone, NYC, September 7, 2012). Photo copyright 2012 Tom Djll.
Harris Eisenstadt, Han-earl Park and Tim Perkis (The Stone, NYC, September 7, 2012). Photo © 2012 Tom Djll.

Big thanks to all the performers over the weekend: Harris Eisenstadt, Michael Evans (drums), Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen, and, especially for the initial invite to perform at The Stone, to Tim Perkis, one of the very finest computer performers, and one of the few who understands the nuts’n’bolts of musicianship and performance.

Thanks also to Miguel Frasconi for curating the series at The Stone, and to Josh Sinton and Prom Night Records for putting together Save The Date #8 at the Douglass Street Music Collective; and to Kevin Reilly and Don Mount for the documentation. And, nothing to do with my own performances, but I want to mention Tom Djll who, with Andrew Drury (thanks for the transport back home, Andrew!) and Tim, presented borderline genius deconstructions—diabolical combinations of intelligent critique and humorous pastiche—that followed our set at The Stone.

And, as always, thanks to everyone who came to listen and witness real-time music in motion… including the one person in the audience who really did not dig what I was doing… at all %^}

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