in preparation: Gargantius Effect +1 +2 +3 (Nor Cal, 08–2011)

artwork for Murray Campbell, Randy McKean with Han-earl Park, plus Gino Robair and Scott R. Looney: Gargantius Effect +1 +2 +3 (Nor Cal, 08-2011)
Next download release will be of Gargantius Effect (Murray Campbell: violins, oboe and cor anglais; and Randy McKean: saxophones, clarinets and flutes) with Han-earl Park (guitar), plus Gino Robair (energized surfaces, voltage made audible) and Scott R. Looney (hyperpiano). Recorded during a tour of Northern California, August 2011, the album features tracks recorded at The Tin House (Grass Valley) on August 25th, at Studio 1510 (Oakland) on August 30th. The recording will be available in a variety of formats (including lossless), and as a ‘name your price’ album.

Super excited about this one. It has documents a fun tour, and features outstanding playing from some very, very fine musicians. More info to follow…

Also available for download…

Han-earl Park plus Marian Murray (Cork, 07–29–10)
Jin Sangtae, Han-earl Park and Jeffrey Weeter (Cork, 01–24–11)
Han-earl Park and Franziska Schroeder (Cork, 03–26–09)
Catherine Sikora, Ian Smith and Han-earl Park (Cork, 04–04–11)
Paul Dunmall, Han-earl Park and Mark Sanders (Birmingham, 02–15–11)
Han-earl Park and Richard Scott (Berlin, 10–23–10)

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