lively, relevant, dizzying (audio clip: Numbers: Richard Barrett + Han-earl Park)

Numbers: Richard Barrett + Han-earl Park (Scarborough, May 3, 2012)

lively, relevant, dizzying electroacoustic music; music that seems to be daring us to try and catch it. [More…]

— François Couture (Monsieur Délire)

Third audio except from Richard Barrett and Han-earl Park’s CD, ‘Numbers’ (CS 201 cd) released by Creative Sources Recordings. This clip is from ‘tolur,’ the track that opens the CD. Does it dare you to “try and catch it”? [About the recording…] [About this duo…]

Audio clip courtesy of Creative Sources Recordings.
Music by Richard Barrett and Han-earl Park.
Audio ℗ 2012 Creative Sources Recordings. Please do not distribute audio file, but instead share the link to this page.

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frantically jagged (audio clip: Numbers: Richard Barrett + Han-earl Park)
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CD cover of ‘Numbers’ (CS 201 cd) with Richard Barrett and Han-earl Park (copyright 2012, Creative Sources Recordings)

‘Numbers’ (CS 201 cd) [details…]

Performers: Richard Barrett (electronics) and Han-earl Park (guitar). [About this duo…]

© + ℗ 2012 Creative Sources Recordings.

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