live review: Ingrid Laubrock and Han-earl Park at Douglass Street Music Collective, Brooklyn

In Jazz Right Now’s review of the evening of duos that took place on May 16, Kris Davis and Andrew Drury’s performance was a “whirlwinds of sound”, and Catherine Sikora and Stanley Jason Zappa’s improvisation was “intense” and “intertwined”. Regarding Ingrid Laubrock and Han-earl Park’s performance:

The saxophonist [Laubrock] displayed characteristic versatility with her instrument, while the guitarist [Park] played in his unique percussive style. The two had a resonance in their sound immediately, producing a pensive breathiness with foreboding overtones throughout the 40 minute performance. They seemed to cast away vulgar, simplistic attempts at clarity, preferring to open a liminal space between the benign expected and chaotic nothingness: a glimmer of deeper and deeper windows into the unexplained and undefined, all the while delving towards utter truths in their exploration. Laubrock’s percussive intensity that ultimately erupted into brilliant exclamations over Park’s mellower staccato ultimately merged into receding thunder. [Read the rest…]

Above video by Don Mount.

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