video: Eris 136199 (Nick Didkovsky, Han-earl Park and Catherine Sikora) at Douglass Street Music Collective, Brooklyn

I’ve uploaded the video of ‘Monopod’ from the June 5 performance by Eris 136199 (Nick Didkovsky, Han-earl Park and Catherine Sikora). With the second improvisation, already uploaded back in June, you can now hear/watch the entire set. Thanks again to Scott Friedlander for the videography. ‘Monopod’ is dedicated to Don Mount.

Whether it’s the most creative interjections from Catherine, the merging of Nick and Catherine’s sounds, the moments of Roscoe-Mitchell-plays-the-music-of-Napalm-Death, or something akin to the sound of a broken ECM record, I’m enormously proud of this performance and this ensemble.

Eris 136199 is next performing on October 27, 2013 at Downtown Music Gallery, NYC. See the performance diary for up-to-date info.

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