reminder: Sirene 1009 at FUAIM, Cork

Sirene 1009: Han-earl Park, Dominic Lash, Mark Sanders and Caroline Pugh (copyright 2010 Seán Kelly, 2016 Bruce Coates, Andrew Putler, 2016 Jordan Hutchings, and 2016 Han-earl Park)

© 2010 Seán Kelly, © 2016 Bruce Coates, © Andrew Putler; © 2016 Jordan Hutchings; and © 2016 Han-earl Park.

This Friday (April 7, 2017), at 1:10pm: Sirene 1009 (Han-earl Park: guitar; Dominic Lash: double bass; Mark Sanders: drums; and Caroline Pugh: voice and electronics) kicks-off the Arts Council of Ireland funded series with a performance at the Aula Maxima (University College Cork, College Road, Cork, Ireland). Admission is free. [Details…]

Following the concert, also at the Aula Maxima, there will be a group improvisation workshop at 2:30pm. [Details…]

Arts Council of Ireland

Presented with funding from the Arts Council of Ireland, and support from FUAIM Music at UCC and UCC Department of Music.

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