Eris 136199: Kickstarter launching soon!

Update: the campaign has launched! Please join us on Kickstarter.

Eris 136199 is back! get ready to help release beautifully strange and unexpected music!

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Formed in New York in 2012, Eris 136199 is the quick-reacting cyborg virtuosity of Han-earl Park (Sirene 1009), the mighty melodic imagination and big tenor sound of Catherine Sikora (Clockwork Mercury), and the diamond-cut precision and grind-meets-experimentalism of Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve).

video credits

Music by Han-earl Park, Catherine Sikora, and Nick Didkovsky.
Recorded by Sean Woodlock. Mixed by Han-earl Park.
Photos © Jazz em Agosto / Petra Cvelbar.


03-25-20: our Kickstarter is live!

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