Cryptogenic Animals

Cover of ‘Cryptogenic Animals’ by Han-earl Park, Catherine Sikora and Nick Didkovsky (artwork copyright 2018, Han-earl Park)
Artwork © 2018 Han-earl Park

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Out now: hear the Uncanny Han-earl Park, the Mighty Catherine Sikora, and The Astonishing Nick Didkovsky navigate reverberant spaces, investigate melodic atoms, and negotiate unmatched amplifiers in Cryptogenic Animals! Available for a limited time, Cryptogenic Animals is free with pre-orders of the CD/digital album Eris 136199 [about/order ‘Eris 136199’…].

Available from: September 4, 2018. Limited availability (until October 9, 2018).

Album available to stream via the free Bandcamp app, and download in multiple formats including lossless.


While the Copenhagen and Newcastle performances are documented in an upcoming album by the trio Eris 136199, Cryptogenic Animals, recorded in Cheltenham between those dates, offers a unique opportunity to track the evolution of this improvising trio during the 2017 European tour.

Take for example the synchronized, collective jump-cuts and smash-cuts that populates the Copenhagen improvisations. These are all but absent by the time the trio perform three night later in Newcastle where, in their place, you find the group breathing together; moving and transitioning in larger scales. On Cryptogenic Animals, recorded the night after Copenhagen, and two before Newcastle, you can hear both these improvisative tactics operating in fascinating, contrasting ways.

You can also hear saxophonist Catherine Sikora revisit and rework some of the melodic atoms played in Copenhagen; trying them against the contrasting acoustic environments. And, adapting to the disparate amplification available in Cheltenham (a diminutive solid-state amp against a 112 Fender), Nick Didkovsky and Han-earl Park reexamine the freedoms and restraints of the two-guitar context; an experience that would inform into their approach in Newcastle in significant ways.

With the rich acoustics of the Francis Close Hall Chapel, the Cheltenham performance is, in contrast to the frenetic and biting Copenhagen and Newcastle performances, unhurried and lush. Cryptogenic Animals documents a fascinating transitional point in the group’s behavior, showcasing the trio’s adaptability to context, and creativity born from the contingent.


Han-earl Park (guitar), Catherine Sikora (saxophone), and Nick Didkovsky (guitar).

track listing

Cryptogenic Animals I (5:26), Cryptogenic Animals II (6:46), Cryptogenic Animals III (5:01), Monkey Wrench I (6:09), Monkey Wrench II (7:59), Spherical Cow I (7:30), Spherical Cow II (3:05), Dendrobranchiata Murmurationis I (3:18), Dendrobranchiata Murmurationis II (5:10). Total duration: 50:23.

recording details

Music by Han-earl Park, Catherine Sikora and Nick Didkovsky.

Recorded live November 3, 2017, Francis Close Hall Chapel, Cheltenham.

Performance presented by Xposed Club.

Recorded by Han-earl Park and Nick Didkovsky.

Mixed and mastered by Han-earl Park.

Thanks to Stuart Wilding, Mark Unsworth, Anthea Millier, Jamie Dawson and everyone at Xposed Club, and to the backers of our Kickstarter project!

© + ℗ 2018 Han-earl Park.

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