thanks: Park-Pride-Sikora (Spectrum, NYC) and Velez-Wright-Drury-Park-Tabuenca (Soup and Sound, Brooklyn)

Thanks to all involved in the April 2 and April 3 performances. Thanks to the hosts at Spectrum (Glenn Cornett and the multi-talented Lester St. Louis), and at Soup and Sound (I thank the Cosmos for people like Andrew Drury and Alissa Schwartz who open their homes, and welcome the arts and artists). Thanks to the efforts of the multiple documentarists at the events: Kevin Reilly, Don Mount, Michael Lytle, Adrian Knight and Lawrence de Martin (who provided the experimental speaker cabinet for the Spectrum performance).

I take my hat off to all the musicians who shared the stage: Javier Areal Velez, Jack Wright, Luis Tabuenca and Andrew Drury, and a big, big thanks to Mike Pride and Catherine Sikora for their awesome musicianship and peerless inventiveness. Finally, thanks to all who came to listen!

Next up: performance in Cork, May 3 as part of Sonic Vigil 8. See the performance diary for up-to-date info.