Download of the Day at All About Jazz: Catherine Sikora, Ian Smith and Han-earl Park (Cork, 04–04–11)

artwork for Catherine Sikora, Ian Smith and Han-earl Park: Sikora-Smith-Park (Cork, 04-04-11)

A live recording from ‘Saturday The Fringes’ mainstay Han-earl Park. This is quality improv jazz, the kind I often feature on ‘Saturday The Fringes,’ but something about this album, I dunno, just seemed to have crossover appeal. Plus, I’m addicted to the album. So, we’re giving it a weekday slot on the download schedule. The kind of album filled with tunes that reward patience and open-mindedness.

All About Jazz

‘바르트’ by Catherine Sikora, Ian Smith and Han-earl Park is today’s featured download at All About Jazz! Thanks to AAJ downloads editor Dave Sumner for selecting the recording.

[Track at AAJ…] [Download full performance and album info…]

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Also available for download…

Jin Sangtae, Han-earl Park and Jeffrey Weeter (Cork, 01–24–11)
Han-earl Park and Franziska Schroeder (Cork, 03–26–09)
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Han-earl Park plus Marian Murray (Cork, 07–29–10)

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