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Lab report January 11th 2010: get together and make weird noises

I was on my way, one Monday evening in January, to a trad session with my melodica, when a different music drew me into Stet Lab at The Roundy. Han-earl Park was making good interesting sounds on guitar and pedals and stuff; Kevin Terry played the cello, what a lovely sound, and later Jesse Ronneau found some fun wacky stuff to do with it; […]

Lab report March 10th 2009: the possibility of failure

What is the status of ‘failure’ in improvisative performance? Is the notion of failure relevant to improvised music? If relevant, is it important in the ongoing practice (evolution, mutation or adaptation) of improvisation? safety… For me ‘oxleygrass (Marie’s phone)’ really doesn’t work as music. I think, at best, it’s a technical demonstration. The ditty didn’t […]

Lab report June 12th 2008: thoughts of a newbie improviser

I’ve often wondered what goes through an improviser’s head during group improvisation. The improvised public performances I’ve participated in before have been more like improvised compositions in a sense—one person takes charge, or there’s a kind of plan vaguely sketched out (usually with the proviso that things might happen differently). This was my first time […]