Stet Lab is, and has been for some time, on indefinite hiatus. [More info…]

update: November and December 2008

The October 9th event will be the last Stet Lab on Thursday. As of November, Stet Lab will take place on the second Monday of the month (November 10th and December 8th). See the performance diary for more information.

November 10th 2008: Franziska Schroeder

The eagle eyed of you may have noticed the removal of Hugh Metcalfe‘s name from these pages. Unfortunately, Stet Lab did not secure the funds necessary to bring Hugh over. (If there’s enough demand, I may post up the gory details of this funding application process at some point.)

However, Franziska Schroeder has very generously stepped in to occupy the November Lab’s guest spot.

I still hope to bring Hugh Metcalfe over to participate at the Lab in the future, in the meantime, I cannot think of any better musician with whom to celebrate Stet Lab’s first birthday than Franziska.