Stet Lab is, and has been for some time, on indefinite hiatus. [More info…]

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Lab report 2007-2009: how to run an improvised music club

On the eve of our highest profile event, with 13 events behind us, this might be a good time to reflect on the stuff I’ve learned (and am learning) about running a space for improvised music. I’m indebted to those who have told stories of, and given advice on, running no- or low-budget ventures elsewhere. […]

Stet Lab October 9th 2008

Next Stet Lab (featuring Han-earl Park, Jesse Ronneau, Veronica Tadman and guests) will be on Thursday, October 9th 2008, Ó Riada Hall, UCC Department of Music, Sundays Well, Cork, Ireland.

update: November and December 2008

Changes coming to Stet Lab in November. Also Franziska Schroeder will be the guest artist on the November 10th 2008 event.