Stet Lab is, and has been for some time, on indefinite hiatus. [More info…]

Stet Lab January 4th 2011 (change of guest artist!)

STOP PRESS: change of guest artist! Due to circumstances (contingencies? accidents? emergent agendas?) Murray Campbell is unable to be at the January Lab as previously announced.

Composer-performer John Godfrey (guitar), however, has very generously stepped in to occupy the Lab’s guest spot. Godfrey will be joined by Han-earl Park (guitar) and Dan Walsh (drums), and the event will open with The Real-Time Company (for the Ad-Hoc Association) of… Andrea Bonino and Kevin Terry (guitars).

The event takes place this Tuesday (January 4, 2011), same place (Upstairs @ The Roundy), same time (9:00pm). [Details…]

We hope that you will come and participate.