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Lab reports 2008–2011: an index

Between June 2008 and April 2011, fourteen author-practitioners documented over nineteen events from the POV of the stage. The Lab reports were an opportunity for the improviser-musician-performers to explore and explode the processes and practices of music in general, and improvisation in particular. These reports ranged in tone from the oblique, the whimsical, and the […]

Lab report June 8th 2009: play different

I’ve said previously that “I’d be lying if I said I did not have allegiances—in idiom, in tradition, and in practice—I do, but I want to stress the possibility of trans-cultural meetings and creative (mis)understandings.” I don’t subscribe to a silly ideology of some impossibly impartial, neutral, transcendental performance, free of tradition, history, identity. I’m […]

Lab report June 8th 2009: the alarm will sound if you don’t back away

As I approached The Roundy on Monday night, alarm bells were a ringing. “Surely someone will silence that alarm?” thought I. Ha ha, how optimistic. The power of the universe wasn’t with me unfortunately, and 50 minutes later, as Piaras Hoban, Francis Heery, Áine Mangaoang and I began our masterpiece, the alarm was still sounding. […]

Stet Lab June 8th 2009: audio recordings

Audio recordings of the June 8th Stet Lab are now online.

Stet Lab June 8th 2009 (reminder)

The final Stet Lab before the summer break takes place this coming Monday (June 8th 2009), upstairs @ The Roundy.

Stet Lab June 8th 2009 (update)

Stet Lab with Juniper Hill and Han-earl Park; Piaras Hoban and Veronica Tadman plus guests; and Síofra Fitzgerald and Kevin Terry takes place on Monday, June 8th 2009, upstairs @ The Roundy, Castle Street, Cork, Ireland.

Stet Lab June 8th 2009

The next Stet Lab (the final event before we break for summer) will be on Monday, June 8th 2009.