reminder: Eris 136199 at MS Stubnitz, Hamburg

Eris 136199, Hamburg
© 2017 Han-earl Park.

This Wednesday (November 1, 2017), at 8:30pm (doors: 8:00pm): Eris 136199 (Han-earl Park: guitar; Catherine Sikora: saxophones; and Nick Didkovsky: guitar), presented with funding from Verband für aktuelle Musik Hamburg, perform at MS Stubnitz (Kirchenpauerkai 29, 20457 Hamburg). Tickets: €12 (€6 students), €8 advance. [Get tickets…]

First date of Eris’ European mini tour! I’m excited, and you should be too. What can you look forward to? This is what Nick says:

I have never been able to detect any implicit rules, favorite things to do, implied directions, or aesthetic goals in this band. People start playing, they stop, start again, stop again… insofar as music is a temporal art, that’s pretty elemental behavior, and is about the only binding agreement in Eris 136199 that I have detected. Which I recognize is barely a statement, as the passage of time is inviolable in all contexts, be they free or restrictive. Physics doesn’t care. But Eris cares a lot. Time is a precious thing to Han and Catherine, and the action of scattering sound onto it is a sacred and mysterious ritual. [Read the rest…]

Eris 136199 is also performing…

November 2: Copenhagen, Denmark; November 3: Cheltenham, England; November 4: Derby, England; and November 5: Newcastle, England. [Details…]

by Han-earl Park, Nick Didkovsky and Catherine Sikora

CD cover of ‘Anomic Aphasia’ (SLAMCD 559) with Han-earl Park, Catherine Sikora, Nick Didkovsky and Josh Sinton (artwork copyright 2015, Han-earl Park)

Anomic Aphasia (SLAMCD 559) [details…]

Performers: Han-earl Park (guitar), Catherine Sikora (tenor and soprano saxophones), Nick Didkovsky (guitar), and Josh Sinton (baritone saxophone and bass clarinet).

© 2015 Han-earl Park.
℗ 2015 SLAM Productions.

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