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Extended Vocalist by pure accident; but fate has interlocked us and now once a month we jam together.
Shop Assistant in Opus2 Cork which is a pure handy and enjoyable job. Have 4 letters after my name BMus, only 22 more until I have the entire alphabet.

Lab report June 8th 2009: the alarm will sound if you don’t back away

As I approached The Roundy on Monday night, alarm bells were a ringing. “Surely someone will silence that alarm?” thought I. Ha ha, how optimistic. The power of the universe wasn’t with me unfortunately, and 50 minutes later, as Piaras Hoban, Francis Heery, Áine Mangaoang and I began our masterpiece, the alarm was still sounding. […]

Lab report January 12th 2009: detoxes really do work

So the Sunday before Stet Lab I did a 24 hour detox, it was tough going as I wasn’t allowed to eat carbs or anything and there is only so much fruit and veg you can eat! Anyway what’s this got to do with Stet Lab? Well I found that January’s Lab was easily the […]

Lab report November 10th 2008: the rockstar wannabes

So, judging by the camera the following morning, this months Stet Lab was so successful that Ad-Hoc… just couldn’t resist posing for the album art. Well why wouldn’t we after the fantastic collaboration that occurred? I have performed at several of the Stet Lab evenings and as the only performer that doesn’t have an instrument […]