performance diary 07-11-10 (Cork, Dublin)

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date venue time details
July 29, 2010 Lewis Glucksman Gallery
Cork, Ireland
6:00pm Lewis Glucksman Gallery presents a solo (or guitar-guitarist duet) performance by Han-earl Park (guitar).
Free admission.
October 2010 (TBC) Venue TBC
Cork, Ireland
TBC Stet Lab returns!
March/April 2011 (TBC) Venue TBC
Dublin and Cork, Ireland
TBC Performances by Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet) with Mathilde 253 (Charles Hayward (drums, percussion and melodica), Han-earl Park (guitar) and Ian Smith (trumpet and flugelhorn)).
Details to follow…
Presented with funding from the Music Network Performance and Touring Award, and support from the Arts Council of Ireland, the Improvised Music Company, the Triskel Arts Centre and the UCC School of Music.

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performance: Han-earl Park—solo guitar improvisations

Thursday, July 29, 2010: It’s been a little while, but I’ll be doing a solo (or guitar-guitarist duet) performance later this month at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery (Cork, Ireland). The event begins at 6:00pm and admission is free.

See the performance diary for up-to-date info.

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Han-earl Park
Han-earl Park (Photo © 2010 Stephanie Hough)


The Lewis Glucksman Gallery presents a performance of solo guitar improvisations by Han-earl Park. The event begins at 6:00pm and admission is free.

Improviser, guitarist and constructor Han-earl Park’s playing has been described by Bruce Lee Gallanter (Downtown Music Gallery, New York) as “careful, crafty and well-played with that restrained yet fractured guitar that sounds so good,” and as “beautiful music, incredibly focused” by Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve / Punos Music). Park has performed in clubs, theaters, art galleries, concert halls, and (ad-hoc) alternative spaces in Denmark, England, Ireland, The Netherlands, Scotland and the USA.

He is involved in ongoing collaborations with Bruce Coates, and with Franziska Schroeder, fifteen year long associations with Alex Fiennes and Murray Campbell. Recent performances include ensemble Mathilde 253 (Park, Charles Hayward and Ian Smith) with Lol Coxhill, a concert with Paul Dunmall, with Kato Hideki and Katie O’Looney, an improvisative meeting with Thomas Buckner and Jesse Ronneau, and the performance of Pauline Oliveros’ ‘Droniphonia’ alongside the composer. He has appeared at festivals including Sonic Acts (Amsterdam), the Center for Experiments in Art, Information and Technology Festival (California), dialogues festival (Edinburgh), Sonorities (Belfast) and VAIN Live Art (Oxford).

Park founded and curates Stet Lab, a monthly improvised music space in Cork, Ireland, and teaches improvisation at the UCC School of Music.

CDs available: ‘Live at the Glucksman gallery, Cork’ and ‘Occidental Oriental Occidentalism’

‘Live at the Glucksman gallery, Cork’ and ‘Occidental Oriental Occidentalism’ are now available for purchase from this site with payment handled by PayPal. [More info…] Please contact me if you have any comments or questions regarding obtaining these recordings.

‘Live at the Glucksman gallery, Cork’ CD cover
‘Live at the Glucksman gallery, Cork’ CD cover

Performers: Han-earl Park (guitar), Paul Dunmall (saxophone), Mark Sanders (drums) and Jamie Smith (guitar). [More info and audio samples…]

[Get the CD…]

‘Occidental Oriental Occidentalism’ CD cover
‘Occidental Oriental Occidentalism’ CD cover

Performers: Han-earl Park (guitarist) and Esprit (guitar). [More info and audio sample…]

Note: this is a 80mm mini CD! (Some CD drives, slot-loading drives in particular, may have problems with these.)

[Get the CD…]


09–16–12: belatedly remove PayPal purchase option [reason…]

news pre-wordpressification

News items pre-dating the move to WordPress…


July 14th

Audio recordings of the July Stet Lab (featuring Mike Hurley) are available. Stet Lab will return in October 2008 (details).

July 1st

‘In Conversation with an Automaton’, my article on io 0.0.1 beta, is published in the Leonardo Electronic Almanac.

June 27th

New venue and earlier start time for the July 10th 2008 Stet Lab. (details).

June 15th

Audio recordings of the June Stet Lab available. The next Stet Lab (featuring Mike Hurley) will be on Thursday, July 10th 2008 (details).

May 21st

Relaunch, reconstruct and redesign the Stet Lab website. (Please note the changes to the news feed.).

May 9th

Audio recordings of the May Stet Lab available. The next Stet Lab (featuring Murray Campbell) will be on Thursday, June 12th 2008 (details).

April 18th

Audio recordings of the April Stet Lab available. The next Stet Lab on Thursday, May 8th 2008 (details).

March 22nd

Add audio recordings from the March 14th guitar-guitarist duets.

Also, audio recordings of the March Stet Lab available. The next Stet Lab on Thursday, April 10th 2008 (details).

March 18th

Add audio excerpt of the performance by Bruce Coates, Paul Dunmall, Trevor Lines, Han-earl Park and Jamie Smith from Birmingham, November 1st 2007. (The complete recording is available from

March 5th

STOP PRESS: new date for March Stet Lab and guitar-guitarist duets: Friday, March 14th 2008 (details).

February 17th

Audio recordings of the February 14th 2008 Stet Lab available. Next Stet Lab on Thursday, March 13th 2008 Friday, March 14th 2008 (details).

The first public performance in Ireland of the guitar-guitarist duets will follow the March Lab (details).

January 4th

Launch the new io 0.0.1 beta++ web site. (Old site remains available.)

Add video recordings of the performance by Murray Campbell and Han-earl Park from Brighton, November 28th 2007.


December 19th

Next Stet Lab on Thursday, January 10th 2007 (details), and audio recordings of the December 13th 2007 event available.

November 11th

Next Stet Lab on Thursday, December 13th 2007 (details), and audio recordings of the November 8th 2007 event available.

October 27th

Yet more changes the performance schedule: addition of a November 27th London gig and the finalization of the details for the November 8th and November 9th events in Cork.

October 21st

Changes to the performance schedule: new Edinburgh gig on November 26th 2007. Thanks to all, and Martin Parker and Lin Zhang in particular, for helping patch-up the cancelled Edinburgh gig.

October 12th

Changes to the performance schedule: one additions (including the launch of Stet Lab) and one cancellation: Stet Lab will launch on November 8th 2007.

The Edinburgh gig on November 26th 2007 has been cancelled. I am currently seeking alternative arrangements. If you can help, or have any suggestions, please contact me.

September 12th

Launch the new website at I expect the usual teething problems, so please contact me if you find any bugs. Currently the audio/video files are still hosted at, but, as more stuff is updated in the coming weeks, these should also migrate here. Many thanks to for hosting us for so long.

Begin the process of retiring the old copyright agreement, and replacing it with Creative Commons Licenses.

June 15th

Revision 0.0.4 of the duets between guitar and guitarist is in preparation.


September 27th

Han begins teaching a course—Safety First: strategies towards minimizing danger in improvisation—at the Department of Music, UCC

May 11th

Revision 0.0.3α (recorded April 2006) of Han and Esprit’s guitar-guitarist duets.

February 13th

Add quicktime movie of Lines with the live soundtrack recorded Amsterdam, August 28th 1998.



buster & friends’ d’da relocates to Cork, Ireland.


July 5th

C-ALTO Labs presents a preview of project HZ.

February 27th

The guitar-guitarist duets goes public as part of dialogues 2004, Edinburgh.

January 8th

buster & friends are co-sponsored Project Dada (Southampton) with the mission to investigate something by someone, somewhere at sometime.

January 5th

Revision 0.0.2α of the duets between guitar and guitarist.