Congratulations! You did it! (Eris 136199: Kickstarter)

€2,073 pledged. 103% funded. 47 backers. 3 days to go

To our amazing, wonderful, awe-inspiring backers,

To the seekers of the mellifluous in cacophony, the rhythm in chaos,

To those who believed that this discordant trio could,

To you,

Thank you so much. To say I am overwhelmed feels almost an understatement. I am so excited to be hitting the road this November, and to be bringing to you our music.

Thank you so much. You have been awesome.

Yours faithfully,


money raised above our goal

For those who have yet to back the campaign, or to select a reward, you still have three days to do so. As stated on the Kickstarter page:

Anything raised beyond our goal will go towards the design, packaging and manufacturing costs of the CD.

The first €350 over our goal will go towards paying for the design, packaging and manufacturing costs of the CD. Should we raise more than that, the next €150 will pay for a second day of recording for our album.

So you still have time to join us. Plus there are cool rewards (starting at the price of a coffee and muffin) still to be had such as exclusive recordings, super-rare items, and not-available-from-anywhere-else hand-made items. Select your reward, and back this project: [Kickstarter page…]

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